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Rotten Reflector

Because your sound deserves the spotlight, rain or shine.

Sun Shield

The Rotten Reflector features a robust, weather-resistant material that shields your pedal board from harmful UV rays. Whether you’re rocking out at a festival or playing an intimate garden gig, your pedals remain cool and unaffected.

Rain (& Singer) Repellent

Our innovative design ensures that rainwater or water from the singers water bottle slides right off the Rotten Reflector, leaving your pedals dry and ready to perform. No more frantic towel-drying between songs!


We’ve tested the Rotten Reflector against the elements—rainstorms, scorching sun, and everything in between. It’s built to withstand the rigors of touring and outdoor gigs.

Easy Setup

Unfold the Rotten Reflector and place over your pedal board like a pair of sunglasses. The coated aluminum makes it lightweight and won’t weigh you down.


We care about the planet as much as your music. The Rotten Reflector is crafted from recycled materials, so you’re not just protecting your gear—you’re making a sustainable choice.

We are currently in production and have a limited number of waiting list slots left.

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Style Meets Function

We believe that gear protection needs to look cool if it's going to be on stage during your performance. The sleek, industrial black design complements any pedal board setup.

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