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To know him is to love him. "Rotten" Bobby Miller in his own words on his path into FILTER.

"I've always loved music. Because of my struggle with drug addiction I was always stuck and unable to do anything with it. When I got clean January 23 of 2013, doors started opening for me. Jeff Fabb had been playing drums for Filter at the time and asked me if I could tech his drums for the remainder of the tour that year. Things kind of took off from there. I was taking on more and more responsibilities on the next tour. I started stage managing and running monitors. Rich had always been a dude that believed in me and understood the things I went through as an active addict. 
Eventually I was asked to play at Swing House in California to do a sit down performance in front of a small audience. We filmed the video for "Happy Together" that night. It went down great and the next day Rich was like, "Well, get some gear!" The next tour I went out as the keyboard player for Filter and things got even better after releasing "Crazy Eyes". I now play keyboard, guitar, and sing backup vocals. I also run videos, monitors and lights from my computers. I'm involved in a lot of the production of the live show now. I'm forever grateful to Rich for giving me the chance to be part of this bad ass camp. The crowds are really growing and digging the new material and it's exciting to work with everyone to make things better here. This is what I'm passionate about now. Some say I have replaced my addiction with music and Filter. Can't really argue with that." 
- "Rotten" Bobby Miller

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